August 31, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 31st, 1776

Fine harvest day.  Some corn housed.

August 30, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 30th, 1776

Mr Woods of Chilgrove thinks he improves his flock by turning the east-country poll-rams among his horned ewes.  The east-country poll sheep have shorter legs, & finer wool; & black faces, & spotted fore-legs; & a tuft of wooll in their fore-heads.  Much corn of all sorts still abroad.  Was wetted thro’ on the naked downs near Parham-ash.  Some cuckoos remain.  N.B.  From Lewes to Brightehelmstone, & thence to Beeding-hill, where the wheat-ear traps are frequent no wheat-ears are to be seen: But on the downs west of Beeding, we saw many.   A plain proof this, that those traps make a considerable havock among that species of birds.

August 29, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 29th, 1776

Full moon.  The rams begin to play court to the ewes.

August 28, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 28th, 1776

The tortoise eats voraciously: is particularly fond of kidney-beans.  Vast halo round the moon.

August 27, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 27th, 1776

Grey, sun, sweet day.

August 26, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 26th, 1776

While the cows are feeding in moist low pastures, broods of wagtails, white & grey, run round them close up to their noses, & under their very bellies, availing themselves of the flies, & insects that settle on their legs, & probably finding worms & larvae that are roused by the trampling of their feet. Nature is such an oeconomist, that the most incongrous animals can avail themselves of each other! Interest makes strange friendships.

August 20, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 20th, 1776

Timothy, the tortoise weighs just six pounds three quarters & two ounces & an half: so is encreased in weight, since Aug. 1775, just one ounce & an half.

August 15, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 15th, 1776

Sun, & clouds, sultry, showers about.

August 10, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 10th, 1776

Hay not housed at Meonstoke & Warnford.

August 5, 1776

Posted by sydney on Aug 5th, 1776

Mr Grim the artist left me.  Began to gather apricots.  Put out two rows of celeri: thr ground dry & harsh.

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