August 31, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 31st, 1781

Began to use endive, which is large & well-blanched. No swifts. We seached the eaves to no purpose. In searching the eaves for the young swifts, we found in a nest two callow dead swifts, on which had been formed a second nest. These nests were full of the black shining cases of the hippoboscae hirundinis.

August 30, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 30th, 1781

Between nine & ten at night a thunder-storm whith much vivd lightening began to grow up from the N.W. & W.: but it took a circuit round to the S. & E. & so missed us.  We had only the skirts of the tempest, & a little heavy rain for a short time.  Ten miles off the the southward there were vast rains.

August 24, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 24th, 1781

Tho’ white butterflies abound, & lay many eggs on the cabbages; yet thro’ over-heat, & want of moisture, they do not hatch and turn to palmers; but dry & shrivel to nothing.  One swift still frequents the eaves of the church; & moreover has, I discover, two young nearly fledged, which show their white chins at the mouth of the crevice.  This incident of so late a brood of swifts is an exception to the whole of my observations ever since I have bestowed any attention on that species of hirundines!

August 23, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 23rd, 1781

Caught 8 hornets with a twig tipped with bird-lime.  No wasps in my garden, nor at the grocer’s, or butcher’s shop.  Five or six hornets will carry off a whole nectarine in the space of a day.

August 21, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 21st, 1781

No wasps; but several hornets, which devour the nectarines.  The wasps are probably kept down by the numbers of breeders that the boys destroyed for me in the spring.

August 19, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 19th, 1781

Mr Pink’s turnips are infested with black caterpillars; he turned 80 ducks into the field, hoping they would have destroyed them; but they did not seem much to relish this sort of food.  I have known whole broods of ducks destroyed by their eating too freely of hairy caterpillars.

August 18, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 18th, 1781

Some wasps at the butcher’s shop.

August 17, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 17th, 1781

The small pond in Newton great farm field, near the verge of the common, is full nearly of good clear water! while ponds in vales are empty.  One swift!  The crevice thro’ which the swift goes up under the eaves of the church is so narrow as not to admit a person’s hand.

August 16, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 16th, 1781

Sowed a crop of winter-spinage, & pressed the ground close with the garden-roller.  The ground turned-up very dry, & harsh.

August 14, 1781

Posted by sydney on Aug 14th, 1781

The bank-martins at the sand-pit on Short-heath are now busy about their second brood, & have thrown out their egg-shells from their holes.  The dams & first-broods make a large flight.  When we approached their caverns, they seemed anxious, & uttered a little wailing note.  My well is low in water; but a constant spring bubbles up from the bottom.  Some neighbouring wells are dry.  My well is 63 feet deep.

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