June 29, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 29th, 1784

Mr & Mrs Richardson came.

June 26, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 26th, 1784

Fire in the parlor.

June 25, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 25th, 1784

Towards the end of June they haad snow in Austria, & the vines were frozen.

June 22, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 22nd, 1784

The wind broke-off a great bough from Molly White’s horse-chestnut tree.

June 21, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 21st, 1784

Dark & chilly, rain.  Cold and comfortless.

June 20, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 20th, 1784

Narrow-leaved iris, cornflag, & purple martagons blow.  Butter-fly orchids in the hanger.

June 16, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 16th, 1784

Phallus impudicus, a stink-pot comes up in Mr. Burbey’s asparagus-bed.  Received a Hogsh: of port-wine, imported at Southampton.

June 13, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 13th, 1784

On this day arrived here from India Mr Charles Etty. In his passage out, the ship he belonged to was burnt off the Island of Ceylon. He came back from Madras to the Cape of good hope in the Exeter man of war; & from thence worked his passage in the Content transport, which brought him to Spit-head. The Exeter was so crazy, & worn-out, that they broke her up, & burnt her at the Cape. Mr Ch Etty brought home two species of Humming-birds which he shot at the Cape of good hope; & two Ostrich eggs from the same place: several fine shells from Joanna island & several turtle’s eggs from the Isle of Ascension. Also the Graphalium squarrosum, a curious Cudweed, from a Dutch-mans garden at the Cape. Turtle’s eggs are round, & white; a little variegated with fine streaks of red, & as large as the eggs of a kite; perhaps larger.

June 12, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 12th, 1784

Men wash their sheep.  Hoed carrots, parsneps, &c.  Received 5 gallons & a quart of French brandy from Mr Edmd Woods.

June 10, 1784

Posted by sydney on Jun 10th, 1784

Sold my St foin again to Timothy Turner; it looks well, & is in bloom.  The 17th crop.  The buyer is to cut it when he pleases.

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