August 29, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 29th, 1784

A Faringdon man shot a young fern-owl in his orchard.

August 25, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 25th, 1784

Sad harvest weather.  This proves a very expensive, & troublesome harvest to the farmers.  Pease suffer much & will be lost out of the pod.  My great apricot-tree appeared in the morning to have been robbed of some of it’s ripe fruit by a dog that had stood on his hind legs, & eaten-off some of the lower apricots, several of which were gnawn, & left on the ground, with some shoots of the tree.  On the border were many fresh prints of a dogs feet.  I have know a dog eat ripe goose-berries, as they hung on the trees.  Many wallnuts on the tree over the stable: the sort is good, but the tree seldom bears.

August 24, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 24th, 1784

White turnip-radishes mild, & good, & large.

August 20, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 20th, 1784

On this day my Niece Brown was delivered of her 4th child, a girl, which makes the 41st of my nephews & nieces now living.  Boiled up some apricots with sugar to preserve them.

August 18, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 18th, 1784

Spinage very thick on the ground.  Men hoe turnips, stir their fallows, & cart chalk.

August 17, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 17th, 1784

Farmer Spencer, & farmer Knight are forced to stop their reapers, because their wheat ripens so unevenly.

August 15, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 15th, 1784

Women bring cran-berries, but they are not ripe.

August 14, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 14th, 1784

Plums show no tendency to ripeness.  Scalded codlings come in.  The wheat that was smitten by the hail does not come to maturity together: some ears are full ripe, & some quite green.  Wheat within the verge of the hail-storm is much injured, & the pease are spoiled.  A puff-ball, lycoperdon bovista, was gathered in a meadow near Alton, which weighed 7 pounds, & an half, & measured 1 Yard and One Inch in girth the longest way 3 feet two inches.  There were more in the mead almost as bulky as this.

August 12, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 12th, 1784

Wheat housing at Heards.

August 10, 1784

Posted by sydney on Aug 10th, 1784

Mr & Mrs Mulso, &c., left us.

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